Get paid to share your passions and spread knowledge

Become a Didit Expert



We'll transfer your earnings at the end of each day. Deposited in your account in ~48 hours


Price yourself per minute, get paid for every second of time you spend helping users


Flip a switch, you're online. Simple

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Go online wherever, whenever YOU want

Turn Income
on and Off

Monetize on your terms
When you feel like spreading the love (and making some bread), just flip a switch to start helping people by sharing your expertise

Didit online availability management


Maybe you're a fashion blogger with a side of beauty creator that moonlights as a master chef. We make it easy to manage separate profiles for every one of your passions

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Full Control Pricing

Charge different per minute rates for each of your profiles. You decide what you get paid for each of your talents

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CUSTOMIZE Each Profile

Tailor the content in each of your profiles to your expertise and your brand. You can even link different social accounts to each expert profile

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Choose which profiles you go online in each time you become available
Decide which hat to wear, or wear them all at once


We transfer your earnings directly to your bank account at the end of each day

Experts love SHaring KNowledge

"Getting paid to chat about a personal passion doesn't feel like work at all"

Helping people with baking prep, brainstorming cake ideas, chatting about ingredients and solving unique problems is very fulfilling. Also, the ability to turn income on and off on my schedule is so convenient.

Baker & Creator

Expert Guidelines

We are a knowledge sharing community built on trust. At Didit, it is our pledge to listen, to learn, and to partner with you

All experts in the Didit community agree to:

  • Treat everyone respectfully
  • Only discuss the problem or advice they’re tasked to help with. They won’t ask personal questions and understand Didit is for knowledge sharing only
  • Help each customer in the most efficient manner possible, communicating clearly and not wasting time
  • Not be aggressive, harassing or threatening
  • Not use explicit language, comments, or slurs
  • Not make graphic, suggestive remarks or gestures

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Share your passions
Monetize your time and expertise

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