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What You Do Matters

It started with an idea. The realization that a resume is just smoke and mirrors and that references could so easily be rigged. That what matters most is what you do --- what you create, what you complete and what you ship.

At Did it, we celebrate the makers and doers. We're not interested in...

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The ultimate adult video gaming experience is finally here. We bring you "The Console" by Nutaku....

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Mso er NORSK

Hei, jeg er fra Bergen i Norge. Jeg har en familie med 4 personer pluss en hund. Hunden heter Sinko, søtt navn hæ. :D


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Surfaced: Peer Powered Intelligence

Surfaced is essentially Product Hunt for Orthopedic Docs.  

Surfacing the best information in Orthopedics, every day; Surfaced is a place for orthopedic doctors to share and collaborate over the latest techniques, procedures, hardware, news and innovations.

We are looking to change the way...

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We're building WorkSourceSmart Solutions for Employee Communication.

With it we are looking to help insurance brokers deliver employee communications to their clients via a web and app based SaaS platform. WorkSource solutions engage, educate and empower employees while saving brokers time...

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Spoton re-imagined, designed, composed and built a new site for Aquilo Sports. Aquilo has developed a product to replace the ice bath used for recovery post workout/competition. Rather than finishing up a stage at the Tour de France and hopping into an ice bath on the bus, athletes can now just...

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Reaction: Mixing ReactJs into my Flow

This is the first of what will be a weekly update on what I think about ReactJs and how I am using it. I am a Rails developer and I hope to offer insight along the way. I’m not sure exactly what I am trying to strike with this format early on, so just bear with me and please provide feedback!


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All IN

I am the type of person who is ALL In or All Out. This has surely brought me down some interesting roads, including being a Musical Theatre performer in NY, having four children, and starting my own business as a voice teacher... I never imagined, in a million years that I would be where I am...

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Started www.nurdleturtle.com and launched and eBook with Nurdip Khakh

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Is This What It's Come To?


Why are we wasting our time reposting this? It provides no value? Nothing. None. Who is writing this? Why are they writing it? Why does it exist?

The social networks that we know today have become like the bottom of a kids’ toy chest. A million pieces of broken plastic toy parts. A Barbie...

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BrewFinder & the quest for better beer

If you haven't noticed, there are thousands of beers to choose from. Being a wannabe beer connoisseur, I'd love to try them all. But, perhaps like you, I stand in the beer aisle overwhelmed by the choices and far too often just grab a six of what I already know.

Existing beer apps do little to...

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What to Write About?

Here are some questions to help you get started.  

Tell us about the last project you completed?

What’s the purpose?

What was the inspiration? 

How’d you do it? (tools/materials/resources)

What were the challenges?

What lessons did you learn?

Who helped you? (add collaborators)

What’s your hope...

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Red Ribbon Tread

One of my biggest clients is Trillium Health whose biggest yearly fundraiser is the AIDS Red Ribbon Ride, a 420-mile, 5-day trek around the finger lakes. For this year's ride I wanted to design something really unique and eloquent...as many of the riders and volunteer crew have a very personal...

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I wrote this project to help ease the pain of dealing with Django migrations:


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Bass Amp Cab

A few months ago, I went to a garage sale and picked up this old subwoofer for around $15. It's been sitting in my music room waiting to be put to use. Today I finally got around to building a new bass amp.

There are two different kinds of amps: combo, and a stand alone head which is used in...

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Programmable Bypass Looper

As a guitarists, one of my favorite things are guitar pedals. They allow you to add so much more to your sound and allow you to create wild, weird, and fun sounds. Some of these effects include overdrives, delays, wahs, phasers, and many, many more. As someone who has a good amount of pedals on...

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My Story

I had high hopes of being a stay at home mom.  In fact, I passed on getting an MBA because I thought it would not be a good use of my money, given that one day I had plans to get married and have children...lots of them.  Had my parents agreed to foot the bill....who knows the life I...

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Did It's Vision

The resume is dead. Creating, making and doing is what is critical to your career and life.

We created did it, a place to track what you do, a place to give kudos to the people you collaborate with and a place to explore the body of work by other creators and doers.

Tell your stories. Share your...

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It's Nearly Impossible

I always have a bunch of game ideas swirling around in my head. I finally decided to try my hand at building one with the help of William Smillie. It's called Array.

I came up with the idea to try to figure out a sequence based on a number of blocks. Kind of like that game Simon...

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Everything at your Fingertips

If you’re a sales rep you have generally carried a bag full of brochures, clinical study reprints, info/sales sheets, before and after articles and a laptop full of powerpoint presentations and videos.

With the iPad, the life of a sales rep is forever changed. Rather than carrying a briefcase...

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The Cost of Doing Business

Medical device reps sell products to doctors and hospitals based on how efficient their products are, how they improve outcomes for patients and how much money they save the hospitals. A doctor’s reimbursement is also impacted by these factors.

Historically, reps would carry a bag full of...

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What's the Benefit?

When you are hired by a company, one of your first interactions is with HR. You fill out a million forms and get a bunch of paper work. One of these items is a BIG, or Benefits Information Guide.

The BIG tells you everything about all your insurance benefits --- what your health insurance covers,...

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Did It is live!

Today we pushed Did It to production for the first time. Exciting stuff!

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