What's the Benefit?

When you are hired by a company, one of your first interactions is with HR. You fill out a million forms and get a bunch of paper work. One of these items is a BIG, or Benefits Information Guide.

The BIG tells you everything about all your insurance benefits --- what your health insurance covers, what your have to pay, details of your life insurance, provider contact info ---all the nitty-gritty details of the benefits your company provides you.

Insurance companies spend a ton of money keeping these up to date and printing them for their clients (the employers).

Until now.

Barney & Barney, a Marsh & McLennan Insurance Agency asked me to develop an App that would handle all of this in the cloud, so that printing and updating would be easier and more cost effective.

We designed, architected, developed and launched a Content Management System for an iOS and Android App called iBenefits. We utilized Angular JS, Parse.com, Mixpanel, objective C, Java and a bit of PHP to build a fully integrated CMS and iOS/Android App.

This app allows agencies to create BIGs for their employers, edit and update immediately so that the latest benefit info is always in the hands of the Employer and Employees. 

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