It's Nearly Impossible

I always have a bunch of game ideas swirling around in my head. I finally decided to try my hand at building one with the help of William Smillie. It's called Array.

I came up with the idea to try to figure out a sequence based on a number of blocks. Kind of like that game Simon from back in the day. However, this game is based on a factorial approach. Basically, the number of possible combinations goes up astronomically as you add possibilities. So if you have 2 possible items there are only 2 possible combinations. With 3 you have 6 possible combinations, 4 = 12, 5 = 120, 6 = 720, and once you get up to 12 you’ve got a mind numbing 479,001,600 possible combinations. (You can express this as 12! or 12 factorial which is 12*11*10*9*8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1) .

With Array you have to progress through levels to figure out the sequence. You start with two and move to 12. The object is to figure it out in the least amount of tries. When I launched the game on iTunes it was mildly successful. It turned out to not to have a good mechanism to get people to come back to play again and again. It was too easy at the lower levels and too hard at the upper levels. Basically the app had a “fast burn”. People really liked it but for only a short stint. I have plans for improvements based on feedback --- features that will make the game stickier and more playable. Now I just need the time to build and then get it out there.

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