Everything at your Fingertips

If you’re a sales rep you have generally carried a bag full of brochures, clinical study reprints, info/sales sheets, before and after articles and a laptop full of powerpoint presentations and videos.

With the iPad, the life of a sales rep is forever changed. Rather than carrying a briefcase full of brochures and laptop loaded with powerpoints, all of the necessary tools are stored in the cloud. Updated on the fly and changed whenever needed. Reps now can access the latest material from the company that’s approved and up-t0-date instantly via their iPad.

We developed a global app for BONESUPPORT that allows doctors and reps to access information about their platform technology CERAMENT™. The app contains indication information, a library of clinical papers and before and after pictures, video about the product, mixing instructions, and the product insert.

It has become a great aid for reps and distributors to use as both and educational aid as well as a “leave-behind” that docs can download from the app store.

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