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University of Rochester: Simon
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Sep 1983 until May 1987
Surfaced: Peer Powered Intelligence

Surfaced is essentially Product Hunt for Orthopedic Docs.  

Surfacing the best information in Orthopedics, every day; Surfaced is a place for orthopedic doctors to share and collaborate over the latest techniques, procedures, hardware, news and innovations.

We are looking to change the way...

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We're building WorkSourceSmart Solutions for Employee Communication.

With it we are looking to help insurance brokers deliver employee communications to their clients via a web and app based SaaS platform. WorkSource solutions engage, educate and empower employees while saving brokers time...

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Spoton re-imagined, designed, composed and built a new site for Aquilo Sports. Aquilo has developed a product to replace the ice bath used for recovery post workout/competition. Rather than finishing up a stage at the Tour de France and hopping into an ice bath on the bus, athletes can now just...

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What's the Benefit?

When you are hired by a company, one of your first interactions is with HR. You fill out a million forms and get a bunch of paper work. One of these items is a BIG, or Benefits Information Guide.

The BIG tells you everything about all your insurance benefits --- what your health insurance covers,...

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Everything at your Fingertips

If you’re a sales rep you have generally carried a bag full of brochures, clinical study reprints, info/sales sheets, before and after articles and a laptop full of powerpoint presentations and videos.

With the iPad, the life of a sales rep is forever changed. Rather than carrying a briefcase...

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The Cost of Doing Business

Medical device reps sell products to doctors and hospitals based on how efficient their products are, how they improve outcomes for patients and how much money they save the hospitals. A doctor’s reimbursement is also impacted by these factors.

Historically, reps would carry a bag full of...

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It's Nearly Impossible

I always have a bunch of game ideas swirling around in my head. I finally decided to try my hand at building one with the help of William Smillie. It's called Array.

I came up with the idea to try to figure out a sequence based on a number of blocks. Kind of like that game Simon...

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