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Spoton re-imagined, designed, composed and built a new site for Aquilo Sports. Aquilo has developed a product to replace the ice bath used for recovery post workout/competition. Rather than finishing up a stage at the Tour de France and hopping into an ice bath on the bus, athletes can now just...

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Is This What It's Come To?


Why are we wasting our time reposting this? It provides no value? Nothing. None. Who is writing this? Why are they writing it? Why does it exist?

The social networks that we know today have become like the bottom of a kids’ toy chest. A million pieces of broken plastic toy parts. A Barbie...

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My Story

I had high hopes of being a stay at home mom.  In fact, I passed on getting an MBA because I thought it would not be a good use of my money, given that one day I had plans to get married and have children...lots of them.  Had my parents agreed to foot the bill....who knows the life I...

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