Is This What It's Come To?


Why are we wasting our time reposting this? It provides no value? Nothing. None. Who is writing this? Why are they writing it? Why does it exist?

The social networks that we know today have become like the bottom of a kids’ toy chest. A million pieces of broken plastic toy parts. A Barbie arm, a smashed gameboy, a mess of forgotten legos mixed with lint, dog hair and fuzzy candy.

Facebook and LinkedIn are the prime culprits. They harbor the detritus of civilization. Look at your feeds, there is little to no original content. Most posts are manufactured news, “items of interest” originated in a dank warehouse, probably written for $0.30 by a mechanical turk.

This “time” of self infatuation with selfies and toe cheese is our time as toddlers with technology, when everything is fascinating, fun and appetizing. This is where we are as a species with technology. It’s so incredibly fun to see ourselves and even more fun to have others see us on that screen! YEAH! 15 minutes of fame!

It’s time to grow up.

There are makers and creators and doers in this world who are creating the future. I see the shining light of value in Khan Academy, Reddit, Medium, Stack Overflow and Tesla. Perhaps the Snapchats, Meerkats and Periscopes will rise to the challenge.

We must celebrate the doers, the makers, the creators. The Peter Thiels, Salman Khans, Elon Musks and Steve Jobs of the world. They can teach us if we are open to learning. Every project they do, or have done, (successful or not) is a story with lessons to be gleaned.

Thing is…You are a creator.

Every time you “do”…create, build, perform, write, photograph or film, share that experience so that we can all benefit. We love to hear and experience other people’s stories. We, as a species, are story tellers. Stories have been a bedrock of humanity’s education since the beginning of time.

This was the inspiration behind one of our creations: Didit. Didit is a place to show and tell the stories of what you’ve created. It’s also a place to give recognition to collaborators and learn from the body of work of other creators. Ultimately, our hope is that it will become a strong network of learning, collaboration, sharing and experience; one creator, maker and doer at a time.

What have you done lately?

Sign up. Share your stories so that we can all learn and take those first steps out of our toddler years and into our future.

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