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Is This What It's Come To?


Why are we wasting our time reposting this? It provides no value? Nothing. None. Who is writing this? Why are they writing it? Why does it exist?

The social networks that we know today have become like the bottom of a kids’ toy chest. A million pieces of broken plastic toy parts. A Barbie...

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What to Write About?

Here are some questions to help you get started.  

Tell us about the last project you completed?

What’s the purpose?

What was the inspiration? 

How’d you do it? (tools/materials/resources)

What were the challenges?

What lessons did you learn?

Who helped you? (add collaborators)

What’s your hope...

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Did It's Vision

The resume is dead. Creating, making and doing is what is critical to your career and life.

We created did it, a place to track what you do, a place to give kudos to the people you collaborate with and a place to explore the body of work by other creators and doers.

Tell your stories. Share your...

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What You Do Matters

It started with an idea. The realization that a resume is just smoke and mirrors and that references could so easily be rigged. That what matters most is what you do --- what you create, what you complete and what you ship.

At Did it, we celebrate the makers and doers. We're not interested in...

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