All IN

I am the type of person who is ALL In or All Out. This has surely brought me down some interesting roads, including being a Musical Theatre performer in NY, having four children, and starting my own business as a voice teacher... I never imagined, in a million years that I would be where I am now. 

This particular journey began two years ago. I attended a 9/12 meeting. It is an amazing group that focuses on service and being the caring and unified Americans we were on the day after September 11, 2001. The meeting introduced me to the idea of a summer camp curriculum called Patriot Camp....a camp to teach American History and Patriotism to elementary kids. Being a mom of 4 kids in that age range, I was intrigued. 

I was ALL in!

Five months of hard work, lots of volunteers and sponsors; our week-long camp had over 60 children learning and loving American history and principals! A HUGE success! 

One of the volunteers introduced me to a local radio personality who came to do a live broadcast from the camp. We totally hit it off! She offered me an opportunity to be on her show, as a "Girl on Fire"....which has evolved to a weekly "mom-entator" spot on her show. Through this, my eyes have been opened to many issues and has prompted me to search for truth and to see what's truly important in life. This has led me down a new, INCREDIBLE path. 

Four weeks ago, I pulled 2 of my 4 children from public school for a wide variety of reasons, some including...Common Core, the constant NYS "high-stakes" testing, dwindling creativity, the continued lack of local control, and one of my children seemingly falling through the cracks. With the support of my husband, we are trying this out until the end of the year and will then reassess. 

I could not have fathomed how incredibly right it feels to have them home and to teach them. Sure, I am scared! We live in one of the top rated school districts in the country, which does have a lot to offer. Some days I think, "What makes me qualified to teach them?" and "Am I teaching them everything they need to know?". But, most days I am overwhelmed with joy and peace as their creativity and knowledge blossom. 


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